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Who is this guy with way too much food photography gear

Hi, I’m Phil, a Food Photographer!

I grew up in Australia before moving to Canada for several years (for more growing up). My culinary journey took me from flipping burgers at a ski-resort, to plating food at a French fine-dining restaurant. My expertise as a line cook propelled me into food photography armed with a savory knowledge in prepping, cooking, and plating food.

My first camera that I picked up (a Canon 60D) was in 2008 but it wasn’t until 2018 that I began pursing Food Photography. Since then my collection of cameras, lenses, lighting, vinyl backdrops and props has grown wildly across my living space. 3 tall cabinets full. Plus lighting equipment and tripods scattered in my loungeroom to add a little décor.

With all my gear, I’ve been able to help clients with their photography needs from Vancouver, Canada to Brisbane, Australia. During the 2020 COVID pandemic I began working remotely with clients which has opened my creative reach to a larger audience.

I’m always excited to work with new people, helping them document their culinary journeys, whether it’s at their restaurant, or connecting online to work remotely from my studio.

Food photography always makes me happy (and hungry). As a grown man, each week I feel very privileged being able to play with my food.

Pictures to come. Have a delicious day!

– Phil

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