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Food Photography

I’m Phil, a Food Photographer based in Brisbane, Australia.

Egg salad sandwich

A typical studio shoot

Your Recipe at my Studio

Are you a blogger or influencer and need content for your food channel? Need someone to photograph each step of your recipe for a magazine?

10+ years of experience working in hospitality (from baking, to pitmaster, and mains), I’ve been creating mouthwatering dishes on a regular basis. Using freshly selected ingredients, I’ll prepare your recipe and style the dish ready for the camera.

  • Food Styling

  • Composition and artificial lighting

  • High quality backdrops, surfaces, and props

I’ll come to you

Photoshoot at your Restaurant

Do you need photos of your menu? Are you looking to feature a new line of food and beverage items at your restaurant?

I’ll bring my equipment to your venue and photograph the dishes and drinks you have prepared. We can capture the lifestyle and atmosphere in your restaurant, or choose to build an artificial scene using backdrops and surfaces.

What type of light will you use?

Depending on your venue and time of day, we’ll either setup using artificial flash lighting, or natural lighting if your venue provides it.

How will the food look?

Styling food for a hungry guest is different to styling food for a camera. We’ll make sure your food looks immaculate for it’s debut photoshoot.

Crab Park Chowder

Quality Food Photography

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Captivate your audience with skillfully crafted composition, lighting, and props.